House Hellhammer


House Hellhammer is a family of friends and fighters from across the country who participate in Belegarth and Dagorhir battlegames. Belegarth and Dagorhir are foam boffer combat organizations which adapt dark age combat into a safe full contact sport. These organizations in which we fight are closely related to such groups as the SCA and Amtgard.

Within Belegarth, fighters and non-fighters band together to form houses or units. Houses and units are groups of people who fight together on the field and produce costuming, armor, jewelry, and crafts off the field for use at group events.

Hellhammer is a unit comprised of three primary fighting groups: Core unit, Shield & Hammer, and Hellhammer Horde. The core unit is the main fighting line. Shield & Hammer contains the biggest hardest hitting members of the unit and steps in when there is a need for a quick, hard, powerful wall to stomp over a section of enemies. Hellhammer Horde is comprised of monsterous personas within Hellhammer, of which there are many including goblins, ogres, and more. Horde often contains quick flankers who can either harass and distract or be an extremely fast backstabbing force. Together the three segments form a well-oiled machine that brings chaos and destruction upon the foam fighting field. Off the field, we are family to each other. On the field, we will annihilate you!

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Sir Arioch: Founder & Leader of Hellhammer
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