House Hellhammer

If the concept of foam fighting is new to you and you wish to join a group, then first look to Belegarth or Dagorhir.

Hellhammer recruits by invitation only. We are a close-knit group. If our personalities and goals don't mesh with yours, there's no reason for you to pursue us or us to pursue you. If you believe you have what it takes to join our organization however, you can speak to one of our members and they can mention your plea to the group. If you are a candidate for membership, we want to get to know you before a decision is made. Its not fair to you or the unit to recruit at random, bringing in people who are not fit to contribute to the cohessiveness of our group.

Members of Hellhammer receive the benefits of their fellow members' talents. There are many craftspeople in our group who can help supply you with free or low cost garb, weaponry, and armor. Lady Grey, Nevaeh, and Katina make a wealth of garb, belt flags, and other crafts. They are our primary garb and accessories support group. Pickles is the Hellhammer armorer who supplies a great number of our weapons at materials cost. Arioch, Pickles, and Ghirbin are accessable for custom armor.

Along with helping new members become equipped with physical goods for the field, Hellhammer will not stop pushing their members until they are badasses. Even then we will not stop pushing each other. Our main objective is to have fun, but we enjoy crushing the opposition in the process. We have a wealth of veterans at members' disposal for tactical and personal training advice when it comes to fighting. Members help members become their best.

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